What's so great about "The Alice"? Well we reckon it's the 5 C's; the Climate, the Colours, the Culture, the Characters and the Closest proximity to every beach in Australia. So don't forget to check out the Tide Times around the country.

So whether you fly, drive or take the train, you might want to set aside 7 - 10 days to take in everything there is to see and do in Alice Springs as well as the stunning scenery of the Western and Eastern (Macs) MacDonnell Ranges.

If you think "The Alice" is hot, flat and dusty then you had better think again, because there are stunning ranges, spectacular gum trees, refreshing waterholes, beautiful palm trees, awesome colours, more waterholes, amazing wildlife, a lush green golf course, and did we mention the waterholes, so check out the photo's in the Gallery of Our Backyard.

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Road Report

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On the 15/7/97 - both tourists and locals reported snow flakes were falling for about fifteen minutes at Uluru (Ayers Rock).

Amazing Trivia

Alice Springs - You'll Never Never Know If You Never Never Go!