Alice SpringsCentral Australia boasts a superb climate of mostly warm days and cool nights all year round. The temperatures can range from below zero overnight during the winter months of June-August, right through to well over 40C during the summer days in January. Spring and autumn are particularly pleasant with mild evenings and warm days in the mid-20C. Photo courtesy - Tourism NT.?

  Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 36 35 32 28 23 20 20 22 27 31 34 35
Min 21 21 17 13 8 5 4 6 10 15 18 20

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The Ghost of the Outback - has been seen many times in a clearing near Corroboree Springs, 100 kilometres from Alice Springs. An Aboriginal of the Arunta tribe, which used the site for secret rituals.

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