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Larapinta TrailThe Larapinta Trail is without doubt one of Australia's most spectacular and exciting long distance overnight treks. The Trail runs over 223 kilometres along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges from Alice Springs west to Mt Sonder. It is divided into twelve sections.

Walkers can join or leave the Trail at a number of points accessible to motor vehicles at regular intervals along its route. In effect, the Trail comprises a series of shorter sections, each a one or two day walk. In this way people can choose the length of time spent on the Trail.

Larapinta TrailThe Larapinta Trail begins at the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station and meanders through many gaps and sheltered gorges, climbs steeply over the rugged ranges, and has numerous stunning views and opportunities to photograph or admire the spectacular landscape. The Trail takes in a variety of desert habitats before rewarding walkers with 360 degree vistas from Mt Sonder - the highest point and end of the Trail.

Larapinta TrailThe Trail is primarily intended to appeal to trekkers: people who are not wilderness or "map and compass" bushwalkers but nevertheless are capable and prepared to carry reasonable loads and camp out. The entire Trail will be passable to this type of walker. However, some sections are designed to slightly higher standards with additional facilities, in order to be attractive to people with less bushwalking experience.

Larapinta TrailThe Trail itself is made up of a range of grades catering for hikers of varying abilities. All walkers on the Trail need to have a good level of fitness and must be well prepared and equipped.

Camping out under a sea of stars in the outback is a highlight of the Trail experience. Although they vary, most camp sites offer picnic tables and hardened tent sites - all Trailheads have a water supply and some have free gas barbecues. The quality of the water supplies cannot be guaranteed along the trail and it is recommended walkers either boil the water or use a filter or sterilizing tablets such as Puritabs.

Larapinta TrailThe trail is best travelled from April to October.

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Lake Amadeus (a saltwater lake) is 1032 square kilometres.

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