Safety Information

You can enjoy your visit to Alice Springs and the Region by simply following a few simple rules to proctect you from the harsh Australian climate and terrain.

Drink lots of water
It gets very hot in outback Australia at any time of the year. Don't wait until you're thirsty to Drink, at least eight glasses of water daily as it is easier than you think to get dehydrated.

Carry plenty of water with you whenever you are walking, climbing or cycling - at least one litre for every one hour of activity.

Bush Walking
Never venture out into the bush without telling someone of your intended route and expected time of return.

You should carry plenty of water to guard against potential dehydration. Bushwalking will be safer and more pleasant during the cooler hours of the day, generally before 10.00am and after 3.00pm.

You should also dress appropriately in cool protective cotton clothing, a wide brimmed hat and sturdy shoes. Thongs and sandals are not appropriate and can prove quite hazardous in some situations.

Sun Smart
With Australia having the highest rates of skin cancer in the world you should use a sun screen protection of at least SPF15 and apply at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Apply to uncovered areas of your skin including the backs of your legs, hands and neck. Don't forget to re-apply regularly.

An overcast sky is no protection from the sun as UV rays are not related to temperature. A wide brimmed hat is a must when out it the outback sun.

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Road Report

Click here for the latest road report or phone 1300 361 033.
The Royal Flying Doctor Service established in 1939 is still fully operational and is available to everyone who works, lives and travels in Outback Australia.

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