To The North

Travelling NorthTravelling north on route to Tennant Creek (the garden city) take the time to visit Gemtree, Ryans Well Historical Reserve, Barrow Creek Telegraph Station and of course the spectacular Devil's Marbles.


Gateway to the gemfields, 140 kms from Alice Springs. Get away from it all - quiet spacious caravan park - with open campfires and spotless amenities. Daily fossicking tagalong tours to the garnet or zircon fields in the cooler months (Apr-Sept). Resident gemcutter and choice of exquisite 9 carat gold jewellery designs to showcase your gems. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.

Barrow Creek Telegraph StationBarrow Creek Telegraph Station
Located 282 kms from Alice Springs. The site for the Station was chosen in September 1871 by John Ross' Overland Telegraph exploring party which was assessing Stuart's route for a telegraph line through central Australia. The site was chosen due to the presence of surface water and a good chance of water by sinking a well about 10 to 12 feet.

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Devils MarblesDevils Marbles
Located 393 kms from Alice Springs. The Devils Marbles are a collection of gigantic rounded granite boulders, many of which are precariously balanced on top of one another. Scattered heaps of these 'marbles' occur across a wide, shallow valley. The original granite masses from which the 'marbles' were fashioned had three main sets of joint planes at right angles to one another, breaking each mass into rectangular blocks three by seven metres square. Erosion along the joints and the flaking away of thin slabs from the surface over millions of years, has gradually rounded the corners to the extent that most blocks are now egg-shaped or spherical.

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Battery Hill Mining Centre - Tennant CreekTennant Creek
Tennant Creek has been called "the best kept secret in the Territory", because visitors find the Region has far more to offer than they realise.

Plan to stay a day....or two, and relax. Our air is clean and fresh, our locals are friendly, our wildlife is fascinating, our history is full of strange quirks, and for most of the year our weather ranges from great to fantastic. We're sure you'll enjoy your stay.

Information provided courtesy of the Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts.

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The wettest year on record was 1974 with 782.5mm.

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